Beautiful/Decay has partnered with premiere website building platform Made With Color to bring you some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today. Made With Color allows you to create a website that is professional and easy to use with just a few clicks and no coding. This week we bring you the delightfully  skewed paintings of Travis Collinson whose gleaming white and minimal website was built using the Madewithcolor.com platform.



San Francisco artist Travis Collinson’s drawing and paintings investigate portraiture, perception and sense of place. His works, though seemingly allegorical, are rooted in a sense of the absurd and abstract. Working from personal photographs and sketches derived from a process of automatism, Collinson selectively couples elements from each, reinterpreting them at a larger scale. Drawing from the influences of both classical painting and minimal abstraction, Collinson’s work creates a framework for people, nature and space to exist in an anxious state of entropy. With a skewed perspective and distortion of unassuming subjects, objects and environments, the artist’s compositions are at once familiar and enigmatic.


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