You’re a creative professional and there are tools we all need to succeed online, whether you’re a photographer, hair stylist, fine artist, graphic designer or any other kind of creative person.

 I’ve seen the power of social media at work time and time again, someone shares your work via Facebook and next thing you know you’re getting an email from an interested buyer, client or new fan. Setting up your social media network can be overwhelming and daunting but we’ve come up with an essential list to get the most exposure possible for your work.


  1. Website- this tool is a no brainer and this is where we come in. is an easy, affordable and attractive option for creative professionals looking get their website up and running in an afternoon. You can create a sleek and elegant site, and visit our Knowledge Base for tutorials on how to trick out your site and integrate all the social media outlets you use.

    But why do you need a site? Your website is the easiest and, using MWC, the most affordable way to showcase your work. A business card is great, but nothing beats the exposure a website can bring you. Once you’ve built your site and you can start your online marketing outreach by emailing your site to blogs, buyers and prospective clients. Using keywords that pertain to your industry on your site and in your blog posts makes you easy to find in search engines and exchanging links with other sites also improves your site’s ranking in searches.

  2. Twitter- I know what you’re thinking, I don’t need ANOTHER social media account to keep track of, but twitter is a powerful tool that can help people find your work. The best part is that you can feed your posts in from Facebook or Instagram straight to your twitter feed so you only have to create content once and get more mileage out of your content. Check out this tutorial on how to connect your Facebook Feed to your Twitter account.

    Another way for people to find you on twitter is through the use of hashtags. These descriptive phrases help people find the content you are posting. If you’re a makeup artist that specializes in Before & Afters then try using a hashtag like #beforeandafter or #MUAbeforeandafter. If you’re a fine artist try using hashtags like #fineart #painting #fineartsculpture, etc. You can read more about how to use hashtags here and here.

    Add a twitter follow button to your Made With Color site, visit our tutorial to find out how.

  3. Facebook- You can choose to have a separate business page for your work or add clients as friends to your regular Facebook page. Either way sharing updates about your work helps keep you and your services fresh in people’s minds. Cultivating your Facebook relationships can help you sell work, find new clients and advertise your wares.
    Facebook also offers really affordable and effective advertising, visit this page to learn more about Facebook ads. You can read more about setting up a Facebook Business Page here.

    Want a Facebook like button on your page? Visit our tutorial to find out how.

  4. Instagram- The Instagram mobile app is a platform made for visual people. It’s a great way to share a painting in progress, your new design project or any bit of your visual creations. It’s easy and intuitive to us and best part is that streaming to your Facebook and Twitter pages from Instagram is so easy.

    Like twitter, Instagram users assign hashtags to their photos to make them searchable by the public. Using strategic hashtags will help you get more exposure for your work. You can add instagram to your Made With Color site, check out our tutorial to find out how.


You can choose to use all of these tools or just the ones that make sense to you but it’s important to keep in mind that having a strategic presence on all of these platforms compliment each other and help you gain the most exposure for your work.